Sunday, December 30, 2012

FBI Spying on OWS


Documents were recently released proving that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was watching several portions of the Occupy Wall Street activist movement:

"The PCJF has obtained heavily redacted documents showing that FBI offices and agents around the country were in high gear conducting surveillance against the movement even as early as August 2011, a month prior to the establishment of the OWS encampment in Zuccotti Park and other Occupy actions around the country. "

FBI Spying on OWS

Ron Paul Fires Final Shot Against NDAA


This is how you end a Congressional career with a bang:

Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) gave the following speech on the floor of the House of Representatives on December 20, 2012.

Mr. Speaker I rise to oppose what will be the final National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) I will face as a Member of the US House of Representatives. As many of my colleagues are aware, I have always voted against the NDAA regardless of what party controls the House. Far from simply providing an authorization for the money needed to defend this country, which I of course support, this authorization and its many predecessors have long been used to fuel militarization, enrich the military industrial complex, expand our empire overseas, and purchase military and other enormously expensive equipment that we do not need and in large part does not work anyway. They wrap all of this mess up in false patriotism, implying that Members who do not vote for these boondoggles do not love their country.

The military industrial complex is a jigsaw puzzle of seemingly competing private companies; but they are in reality state-sponsored enterprises where well-connected lobbyists, usually after long and prosperous careers in the military or government, pressure Congress to fund pet projects regardless of whether we can afford them or whether they are needed to defend our country. This convenient arrangement is the welfare of the warfare state.

Because of the false perception that we must pass this military spending authorization each year or our men and women in uniform will go hungry, Congress has over the years taken the opportunity to pack it with other items that would have been difficult to pass on their own. This is nothing new on Capitol Hill. In the last few years, however, this practice has taken a sinister turn.

The now-infamous NDAA for fiscal year 2012, passed last year, granted the president the authority to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge, without access to an attorney, and without trial. It is difficult to imagine anything more un-American than this attack on our Constitutional protections. While we may not have yet seen the widespread use of this unspeakably evil measure, a wider application of this “authority” may only be a matter of time.

Historically these kinds of measures have been used to bolster state power at the expense of unpopular scapegoats. The Jewish citizens of 1930s Germany knew all about this reprehensible practice. Lately the scapegoats have been mostly Muslims. Hundreds, perhaps many more, even Americans, have been held by the US at Guantanamo and in other secret prisons around the world.

But this can all change quickly, which makes it all the more dangerous. Maybe one day it will be Christians, gun-owners, home-schoolers, etc.

That is why last year, along with Reps. Justin Amash, Walter Jones, and others, we attempted to simply remove the language from the NDAA (sec. 1021) that gave the president this unconstitutional authority. It was a simple, readable amendment. Others tried to thwart our straightforward efforts by crafting elaborately worded amendments that in practice did noting to protect us from this measure in the bill. Likewise this year there were a few celebrated but mostly meaningless attempts to address this issue. One such effort passed in the senate version of this bill. The conferees have simply cut it out. The will of Congress was thus ignored by a small group of Members and Senators named by House and Senate leadership.

There are many other measures in this NDAA Conference Report to be concerned about. It continues to fund our disastrous wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere for example.

The Conference Report contains yet another round of doomed-to-fail new sanctions against Iran. These are acts of war against Iran without actually firing a shot. But this time the House and Senate conferees are going further than that. The report contains language that pushes the US as close to an actual authorization for the use of force against Iran as we can get. The Report “…asserts that the U.S. should be prepared to take all necessary measures, including military action if required, to prevent Iran from threatening the U.S., its allies, or Iran’s neighbors with a nuclear weapon and reinforces the military option should it prove necessary.”

This kind of language just emboldens Iran’s enemies in the region to engage in increasingly reckless behavior with the guarantee that the US military will step in if they push it too far. That is an unwise move for everyone concerned.

This Conference Report contains increased levels of foreign military aid, including an additional half-billion dollars in missile assistance to an already prosperous Israel and some $300 million to help an increasingly prosperous Russia control its chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons.  And Russia does not even want the money!

Overall, this authorization will give the president even more money for military activities next year than he requested. At a time when the news has been dominated by reports of our budget crisis, the “fiscal cliff,” and the “need” to increase taxes on Americans, Congress is foolishly spending even more on the military budget than the administration wants! I suppose that is what counts as a reduction in the language of Washington.

I urge my colleagues to oppose this, and all future, reckless and dangerous military spending bills that are destroying our national security by destroying our economy.

Ron Paul Fires Final Shot Against NDAA

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Congressman Huelskamp Rejects the 2013 NDAA



By Richard D. Fry (PANDA Legal Team):

Once again Congressman Huelskamp voted against a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The 2013 NDAA is the 51st such bill to be passed by Congress. Its purpose is to authorize funding for programs and the military that support our national security policy.


In 2012 the NDAA was 1844 pages and this year it was over 1100 pages. The House passed its version of the 2013 NDAA in May. The Senate did not pass its version until December.  So like last year, there was a mad scramble to get it finalized, – the funding of the military hanging in the balance.


The 2013 NDAA was for $640.7 billion (640,700,000,000.00), there were grave concerns expressed last year by members of Congress , watchdog groups  and grass roots groups over the constitutionality of the citizen detention provisions of the bill and a New York federal District Court in September found these provisions to be unconstitutional. Yet, the Senate floor debate of the 2013 NDAA Conference Report, which will ultimately be sent to the President later this month, lasted about one (1) hour.


The NDAA 2012 did not just authorize funding for national security policy. It established new policy by greatly expanding the September 18, 2001 “Declaration of War” that resulted from the 9 11 attacks.


Members from Kansas' Congressional delegation Mike Pompeo (an attorney), Kevin Yoder (an attorney) and Lynn Jenkins voted for both the 2012 and the 2013 NDAAs. Last year Jenkins sent a joint letter to the conference committee which said the citizen detention provision of the bill were unconstitutional and requesting their removal. The committee did not remove the unconstitutional provisions. Yet, Jenkins voted for the bill she had previous said was unconstitutional. She admitted this to a 912 group at the Kansan Grill in Topeka on Friday the 13th of January, 2012, and explained her action by saying “I thought the Supreme Court would straighten it out.”


I spoke to the offices of our Congressional delegations and to Yoder personally. Each argued that these provisions did not apply to citizens.   I offered to fly to Washington with the legal team of the Patriot Coalition and Oath Keepers that had been assembled as part of their joint project in response to NDAA, The Intolerable Acts. One of the attorneys was Stewart Rhodes a former paratrooper and Yale Law School grad who specialized in the application of the Law of War to citizens, while at Yale. No takers.


Last summer Yoder told a group in Johnson County that he “did not want to extend Constitutional rights to terrorists who had snuck into our country to do us harm” as justification for voting against the Smith – Amash amendment that would have corrected some but not all the constitutional problems.   It is well-settled law that most of the protections of the Bill of Rights apply to all persons in the U.S. whether they are citizens, visiting foreign nationals, or illegal aliens. So what he was saying in reality is he believes Congress has the power to take away constitutional rights from some people.


The actions of Pompeo and Yoder tell me we have a crisis in our law schools regarding teaching the Constitution.


In the last two years Rep. Jenkins introduced 17 bills, 5 of which related to the shoe industry. An example is HR 2697 The Affordable Footwear Act of 2011.  (Congressman Yoder co-sponsored this bill as did Pompeo.) Was Rep. Jenkins friends with former Philippine Dictator Ferdindand Marcos' wife, Imelda, who had over 3,000 pairs of shoes? Will her excuses for violating her oath be any more ridiculous? Perhaps, thanks to Jenkins, Yoder, and Pompeo we can look forward to pacing back and forth in comfortable shoes during our indefinite detention. Our constitutional rights would be better served if she was working in the shoe department of Payless Shoes and Yoder and Pompeo were working on the K Street Project.


Come on people! Only one of our elected legislators, Tim Huelskamp, was and is fighting for our Liberty. And when I say that, considering the NDAA, I mean it literally!   


These guys are a threat and danger to our Liberty and our Republic. They do not support the same fundamental principles we hold so dear for ourselves and our children, namely to be left alone by our government. They are supporting  and protecting  a law which allows the President on a mere suspicion that we are “terrorist” to have the military indefinitely detain us  without an arrest warrant, without an attorney, without  showing us the “evidence” against us or being allowed to confront witnesses against us,  or to have a trial by our fellow citizens.  We declared our independence from England over such abuse. Perhaps it is time we declare our independence from these guys before we lose that ability.


These guys are going to be home over Christmas break. Write them and call them and go see them in person and ask them what the hell they think they are doing to us. Remind them you are the boss and this dangerous, subversive conduct, which is treason to the Constitution, is no longer acceptable.  This is not only your duty, it is imperative to your Liberty. If you do not act, history will remember America as that great Republic blessed with the greatest freedom and Liberty that died from apathy, and political correctness.

Congressman Huelskamp Rejects the 2013 NDAA

The NDAA Debate is Over: House-1 Constitution-0







By Richard D. Fry (PANDA Legal Team) on December 21st, 2012:


The debate on the NDAA conference bill has just ended. The House will now vote on the bill and no doubt it will pass.

Earlier this morning a D.C. insider indicated to us that leadership had maneuvered to keep opponents from speaking against the bill. Apparently they were successful as only three Representatives rose to speak against it: Nadler (D-NY) Thornberry (R-TX) and Franks (D-MA). Once again “conservative” Republicans are conspicuous in their absence.

Recall that a proposed GOP resolution against the NDAA was killed at the August convention with the help of our own Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Romney supporter and advisor. (It’s on tape.) Romney indicated on two separate occasions that he would have signed the 2012 NDAA.

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler from Missouri spoke in favor of the NDAA. She was grateful for the bacon it was sending to Missouri. Several of the supporters noted the money that the NDAA would put into their states. What unabashed corruption.

Earlier this month House Speaker Boehner’s hatchet committee removed four conservative Congressmen from their respective committees: Tim Huelskamp (KS – Budget Committee), Justin Amash (MI – Budget Committee) and Walter Jones (NH – Financial Services Committee) and David Schweikert (AZ – Financial Services Committee). One thing these four conservatives have in common is that they voted against the NDAA 2012. I guess party comes before the Constitution with Party boys like Boehner and his handers.

The NDAA went to the conference committee with the Feinstein- Lee Amendment but it was stripped out of the bill and a rewrite of Texas Representative Louie Gohmert was slipped into the final conference bill. Feinstein said: “I was saddened and disappointed that we could not take a step forward to ensure at the very least American citizens and legal residents could not be held in detention without charge or trial. To me that was a no-brainer.”

Representative Gohmert in his speech in support of the bill acknowledged that it did not protect U.S. citizens’ constitutional rights including Habeas Corpus when they are outside the country. He said that was a bill for another day. Yes, he supported a bill he acknowledged as being unconstitutional.

Recall that last year Kansas’ Lynn Jenkins sent a joint letter to the conference committee telling then the citizen detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA were unconstitutional and advising them to remove such. Of course the unconstitutional provisions were left in. Yet Jenkins still voted for a bill she knew to be unconstitutional. Subsequently at a 9-12 meeting in Topeka she acknowledged the bill had problems but felt “the Supreme Court will straighten it out…”

The only member of the Kansas federal delegation to stand up for the Constitution has been Tim Heulskamp. The rest including your Senators voted against your bill of rights.

Below is the current status of the NDAA with this provision:

1. By the NDAA and this amendment Congress is asserting it has the authority to deny American citizens and others in the U.S. their constitutional rights, that is false, 

2. This amendment does not protect anyone from being detain on mere suspicion, 

3. This amendment does not ensure a detainee will get any trial let alone a civilian trial, 

4. It implies that U.S. citizens do not have or Congress can take away citizens’ constitutional rights when they are outside the U.S., 

5. It is up to the President and those under his command whether a detainee is simply held, goes before a military commission or is transferred to the civilian authorities for a civilian trail, in the latter event this amendment kicks in, 

6. The Habeas Corpus issue is a red herring as that issue was resolved before the NDAA, 

7. These provisions provide coverage for the President’s assertion he has independent authority to indefinitely detain and assassinate U.S. citizens as the Supreme Court has deferred this issue and decided based on statutory provisions.

What is wrong with our elected officials who either do not understand what their oath to protect the Constitution requires of them or simply disregard such? More to the point what is wrong with “We the People” that allow them to commit what Chief Justice John Marshal called “treason to the Constitution” and then vote for them again.

We are the agents of our own demise.

The NDAA Debate is Over: House-1 Constitution-0

Saturday, December 22, 2012

National Guard for School Security?

Sen. Barbara Boxer has suggested that the National Guard be used for school security. If the NDAA is a slippery slope, this is a cliff.

The Posse Comitatus Act, designed to keep our military from performing a policing function, states as follows:

"Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."

In layman's terms, that means anyone could be fined or imprisoned for using the military as a policing force. Sen. Barbara Boxer, in an overreaction to last week's tragedy in Connecticut, suggested using National Guard troops as extra security in America's schools. If this plan were to go into action the implications could be dangerous. From the time our children were five years old to the day they graduated high school, our children would be mentally prepared for the military on ever street corner. Just like walking through the body scanners at TSA checkpoints, our children would be so used to giving up their liberties they may never even blink at giving them up again…and again…and again.

Do we really want that?

National Guard for School Security?

Children of "Indefinitely Detained" Japanese-Americans File Amicus Brief in NDAA Lawsuit

Many people will say the "government would never do that!" when we talk about indefinite detention. The easy answer to that is to refer to the internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII. 

Now, the children of those Japanese-Americans who were interned in WWII have joined the fight against the NDAA. Karen and Ken Korematsu, Holly, Iris and Laurel Dee Yasui, Jay Hirabayashi, Sharon Mitsu Yuen, and Marion Setsu Oldenburg have filed a "friend of the court" Amicus breif in the NDAA Lawsuit, Hedges v. Obama.

Rewad the full brief here:

Children of "Indefinitely Detained" Japanese-Americans File Amicus Brief in NDAA Lawsuit

Google Starts Watching you...Offline

Google just launched Conversions API, and the implications make this internet company a whole lot creepier:

"Google is all but certain to ensure that all user data collected off- and online will be cloaked through safeguards that will allow for complete and total anonymity for customers. When on-the-Web interactions start mirroring real life activity, though, even a certain degree of privacy doesn’t make Conversions API any less creepy. As Jim Edwards writes for Business Insider, “If you bought a T shirt at The Gap in the mall with your credit card, you could start seeing a lot more Gap ads online later, suggesting jeans that go with that shirt.”"

Google Starts Watching you...Offline

DHS Postpones REAL ID

Once again, in a victory for liberty, the Department of Homeland Security is postponing the implementation of REAL ID:

"States were supposed to comply by Jan. 15 or else their licenses would not be acceptable for federal purposes, such as boarding an airplane or entering a federal building. But the Homeland Security Department said only 13 states are ready, and the department said it will issue a blanket waiver to all of the other states."

DHS Postpones REAL ID

Berkely to Consider Banning Drones

City leaders in Berkley, CA will consider a proposal to ban drones across the city:

"The proposal by Berkeley's Peace and Justice Commission comes a week after Alameda County Supervisors tabled a proposal by the Sheriff's Office to spend a $31,646 grant on a surveillance drone. The supervisors and the sheriff came under pressure by privacy advocates including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation"

Berkely to Consider Banning Drones

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BREAKING: Anti-NDAA Bill Introduced in Nevada




Reno, NV – December 19th, 2012



Chris Corbett


The Nevada Chapters of PANDA (People Against the National Defense Authorization Act, the NDAA) announce the introduction of BDR 728, The Nevada Liberty Preservation Act


The Bill, sponsored by Nevada State Senator Don Gustavson, will be part of the 2013 Nevada State Legislative session which begins in February. Passage of the Nevada Liberty Preservation Act will demonstrate the Legislature’s commitment to Constitutional Law and Individual Liberty by restoring the right to due process to all persons in Nevada.  

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was overwhelmingly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 31, 2011. The 2012 NDAA declares the United States to be a battlefield in the war on terror and Section 1021 & 1022 authorize the indefinite detention, without charge or trial, of all persons on US soil suspected of terrorist activity or accused of ‘belligerent behavior’.  This violates at least 23 Articles of and Amendments to both the US and Nevada Constitutions.

PANDA, a national, nonpartisan, grass roots organization, founded in January 2012, is committed to the nullification of the NDAA’s unconstitutional authorizations at the state and local levels of government.  PANDA started in Bowling Green, OH and has since expanded to 30+ states with over 90 chapters nationwide.

The three Nevada Chapters of PANDA worked resolutely to gain support for this initiative within the State Legislature.  Daphne Lee, Clark County Chapter Head said, “We are working hard every day to restore the rights of every Nevadan, and will work tirelessly until we have succeeded”.

Christopher Corbett, Nevada State Coordinator for PANDA said, “I appreciate the community support backing up our efforts and the courage of those members of our governing bodies who are willing to actively protect the constitutional rights of their constituents. We need to restore the Constitutionally protected right to due process for every American.”

The Nevada Chapters of PANDA are among the most active chapters in the nation. While introduction of BDR 728 marks a major milestone, the group has also made significant progress at the City and County levels.  During the first quarter of 2013 Nullification of the NDAA will be on the agenda for the Washoe County Commission and the Reno City Council





BREAKING: Anti-NDAA Bill Introduced in Nevada

Hate Group SPLC Bashes Patriot Movement and Anarcho-Capitalists


The Southern Poverty Law Center, arguably the foremost hate group in the country, has characterized Constitutionalists as Anti-government radicals, painted those nearly killed in the Ruby Rige massacre as extremists, and called defenders of the 2nd Amendment "right-wing fanatics." The SPLC also directly advises the Department of Homeland Security, a department that is most known for its repeated usurpations of the Constitution.

The SPLC focuses mainly on the idea of "domestic terrorism, even though most instances of domestic terrorism are planned the the FBI. "They have now, predictably, come out to lump the Patriot Movement, Anarcho-Capitalists, and Lew Rockwell together and attack them as one as having "conspiracist malarkey" and "psuedo-legal rhetoric":

"“If you stripped the Patriot movement of its pseudo-legal rhetoric, conspiracist malarkey and allusions to supposed Christian virtue, you’d end up with an ideology much like the one espoused by Stansberry, Casey and their compatriots."


Hate Group SPLC Bashes Patriot Movement and Anarcho-Capitalists

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

PANDA, Tenth Amendment, Center Break Ground in Michigan


Lansing, MI – December 16, 2012


The dedicated efforts of People Against the NDAA (PANDA), the Tenth Amendment Center, and thousands of volunteers paid off in the Michigan Legislature on Friday. Senator Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) -  the Senate Majority Leader – told PANDA's Michigan team that the 2013 version of Rep. Tom McMillins' HB 5768 (non-compliance with the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA) will be scheduled as the first item for consideration in the new legislative session beginning in January of next year.


The bill, originally introduced in June of this year, was passed unanimously (107-0) by the Michigan House earlier this month. On Tuesday the bill was referred to the full Senate by the Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) without a dissenting vote. The progress enjoyed by HB 5768 to this point was unusually quick and the unrelenting visits, calls, and emails from volunteers played a key role in this progress. This week, Senators and their offices were quite impressed by the large volume of calls and emails made by the energetic members of PANDA and coalition partners in support of the bill.  

We will be back in January with numbers, spirit and enthusiasm. Building on our success in 2012, we will focus the energies of our growing army of volunteers on getting the bill through the House and Senate and on to Governor Snyder's desk for his signature. We ask all those concerned about the NDAA to prepare to join us in January for our final push. In the meantime, we all should thank the following legislators for their assistance in 2012:


1. Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Auburn Hills), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Bill author and sponsor

    (517) 373-1773 ; 

2. Sen. Rick Jones  (R-Grand Ledge), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee

     (517) 373-3447 ;

3. Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker (R- Kalamazoo), Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee

     (517) 373-0793 ; Fax - (517) 373-5607

4. Sen. Tory Rocca (R- Sterling Heights), Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee

     (517) 373-7315 ; Fax - (517) 373-3126

5. Sen. John Pappageorge (R- Birmingham), 2013 Senate Sponsor

     (517) 373-2523 ; Fax - (517) 373-5669

6. Rep. Greg MacMaster (R-Kewadin), Co-sponsor

     (517) 373-0829 ; 

7. Rep. Jeff Irwin (D- Ann Arbor), Co-sponsor

     (517) 373-2577 ;


Dennis Marburger

PANDA Michigan

Dan Johnson

Founder, PANDA


PANDA, Tenth Amendment, Center Break Ground in Michigan

The Power of Twitter, Facebook and the NDAA

The power of Twitter, Facebook and other social media, has been vastly underestimated. Back when we got started, it was just me and a computer. I saw tyranny, and didn't know what else to do. So, I activated a twitter account and started connecting with other "tweeters." It turns out there were hundreds of other people concerned about this law, and it might actually be possible to fight it.

It was from there we launched PANDA. We had some struggles at first, with a defeat at the hands of the Bowling Green, OH City Council, but quickly grew. We are now at over 90 chapters across nearly 40 states.

Now, Twitter and Facebook take the cake again as some of the best tools for activism. On December 14th, we launched a campaign to pressure the Michigan legislature into passing a law, HB 5768, against the NDAA. Activists like AnonBig spread the message on Twitter, while A Sheep No More, 1 Billion Against Indefinite Detention, Recall Every Congressman Who Voted for the NDAA, and ourselves spread it via Facebook.

With hundreds of retweets across Twitter, and over 800 shares on Facebook, this campaign went viral. We had people reporting that staffers were saying "You guys must be really well organized, because we're getting lots of calls." After all this pressure, the Michigan legislature responded.

Even though Tom McMillin's HB 5768 will have to be resubmitted next year, Randy Richardivlle, the Senate Majority Leader, guaranteed it will be "the first item on the agenda" for next year.

We did it. Your thousands of calls and emails made a huge difference in bringing the NDAA one step closer to its knees in Michigan. The power of social media should NEVER be underestimated.

The Power of Twitter, Facebook and the NDAA

Monday, December 17, 2012

Armed SWAT Teams to Patrol Arkansas Streets, Ask for ID

Did you think the TSA was bad? The Paragould, Arkansas Mayor liked the idea so much, he adopting it. This time though, he's arming his agents with AR-15's and SWAT gear.

What Fourth Amendment?

"[Police are] going to be in SWAT gear and have AR-15s around their neck," Stovall said. "If you're out walking, we're going to stop you, ask why you're out walking, check for your ID."

Armed SWAT Teams to Patrol Arkansas Streets, Ask for ID

Sunday, December 16, 2012

PANDA Nevada Bill of Rights Day

PANDA Nevada came together to celebrate the Bill of Rights Day, and remind people to defend them against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic:

PANDA Nevada Bill of Rights Day

In Response to Conn. Massacre, Texas School District Will Let Teachers Carry Guns

The massacre in Newtown, CT was a tragedy…in which our Federal Government was a willing accomplice. By disarming our teachers, the people many Americans charge with the protection of American kids, the government is directly responsible for the horrific deaths of over 18 children.

In response to this event, a Texas school district will allow its teachers to carry guns to protect their kids. This is a step in the right direction for restoring Constitutional rights in America.

"Trustees at the Harrold Independent School District approved a district policy change last October so employees can carry concealed firearms to deter and protect against school shootings, provided the gun-toting teachers follow certain requirements.",2933,404721,00.html

In Response to Conn. Massacre, Texas School District Will Let Teachers Carry Guns

TSA Detains Crying Girl for Hours

Just another reason to get rid of the TSA:

"Shelbi Walser was traveling with her mother on Sunday for a trip that's become routine. The seventh grader lives with a genetic bone disorder and was on her way to Florida for another rare medical treatment.

She's never had a problem flying, but this time Transportation Security Administration agents claimed she had bomb residue on her hands.

'It was frightening. I kinda got mad,' she said."


TSA Detains Crying Girl for Hours

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Drone Use "Beyond the Proper Purview of the Courts"

The U.S. Government is arguing that ruling on the extrajudicial killings of American citizens by U.S. Drones is not something the courts should concern themselves with:

"In the motion to dismiss, Justice Department lawyers argue that the necessity for the strikes and the viability of any alternatives is a question beyond the proper purview of the courts."

Drone Use "Beyond the Proper Purview of the Courts"

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "Throw Out the NDAA"

U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) issued a press release agreeing with PANDA's analysis of the Feinstein-Lee Amendment, and advocating for Congress to "Throw Out the NDAA."

We couldn't agree more:


“Today, this House will send the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to conference. Contrary to its title, the bill does not provide for the protection of the American people. It expands war. It further indebts our nation. It encroaches on basic rights with regards to indefinite detention. It eliminates the basic tenet that due process rights apply to everyone in this country – not just American citizens.

“The legislation also includes additional sanctions against Iran despite numerous reports that our sanctions are affecting the ability of ordinary Iranians to obtain medicine and offer basic goods. Sanctions have thus far not served to solve the impasse or bring Iran to the negotiating table. More sanctions are not the answer and do not bring us closer to a diplomatic solution.

“This legislation also perpetuates the myth that we are ending the war in Afghanistan. We are not leaving Afghanistan. We are deepening our commitment. This bill provides for another staggering $88 billion for the war. The Strategic Partnership Agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan commits us to the country for at least another decade with a $20 billion price tag.

“Finally, this legislation continues financing our bloated Pentagon. The United States maintains 1,000 bases worldwide. Some of these bases are infamous, like Guantanamo Bay. There are small bases to support our drones program. There are fortresses to support our wars.

“The cost to maintain these bases is billions of dollars. Included in these costs are the costs to maintain and run 234 golf courses around the world.

“The Pentagon is expanding their spy agency. The CIA has become a paramilitary organization. We are preparing to support intervention in Mali. Our government’s policy in Syria is incoherent. We are expanding our military presence in Asia and in Africa.

“And for what? For millions of Americans to be unemployed? For millions of Americans to go hungry? For millions of Americans not to have adequate access to education or even healthcare? For millions to lose their homes? For millions to lose their retirement security? For roads and bridges to collapse because we have no money for infrastructure?

“I say it’s time we pay attention to the defense of the American people’s pocketbooks – The defense of the dignity of the American people – The defense of the moral authority of the United States. It’s time to end this state of permanent war. We should throw out the NDAA, put an end to interventionism and begin to take care of things back home.”


Nathan White (202)225-5871

Nathan.white (at) (dot) gov"

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "Throw Out the NDAA"

Justice Dept.: Continuing With NSA Lawsuit Would Violate "State Secrets" Privilege

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the U.S. Department of Justice are sparring over warrantless wiretapping again, with government lawyers arguing that continuing the case would violate the "State Secrets" privilege:

"There is nothing non-privileged about any of this case," said DOJ lawyer Tony Coppolino. The Jewel v. NSA lawsuit filed by EFF is an example of a case where "secret and non-secret information cannot be separated," he added. "The information is inextricably intertwined, and the risk of exposure occurs at every outset. All of the NSA's methods for collecting foreign intelligence info to protect this country are privileged."

Justice Dept.: Continuing With NSA Lawsuit Would Violate "State Secrets" Privilege

NSA: It would Violate Your Privacy to Tell You We're Violating Your Privacy

The National Security Agency has rejected a request to tell the public if they are violating our privacy, because it would violate our privacy to do so:

"Senator Ron Wyden has released some updated responsesfrom our national intelligence bosses concerning the questions that Wyden (and a few other Senators) have been asking for years. It's been pretty clear that a "secret" interpretation under the FISA Amendments Act (related to the Patriot Act) has meant that the NSA is scooping up tons of American communications, even as its mandate is that it only cover foreign intelligence—and Wyden has been pushing for more information."


NSA: It would Violate Your Privacy to Tell You We're Violating Your Privacy

We are Being Eyeballed, Indexed and Monitored to Oblivion

The tile speaks for itself:

"Every possible 1984ish scenario immediately jumps into your mind as the slow mo intro of all this techno mumbo jumbo is laid on a naive and unsuspecting, weakened public."

We are Being Eyeballed, Indexed and Monitored to Oblivion

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pentagon Uses "Double-Tap" Drone Strikes

The Pentagon has been launching drone strikes on first responders…to other drone strikes.

"NYU student Josh Begley is tweeting every reported U.S. drone strike since 2002, and the feed highlights a disturbing tactic employed by the U.S. that is widely considered a war crime.

Known as the "double tap," the tactic involves bombing a target multiple times in relatively quick succession, meaning that the second strike often hits first responders."

Pentagon Uses "Double-Tap" Drone Strikes

Emergency NDAA Lawsuit Motion to Supreme Court Denied

The Plaintiffs in Hedges v. Obama, otherwise known as the NDAA Lawsuit, applied for an emergency stay of NDAA power to the Supreme Court. Their application has been rejected.

Looking at our Federal Justice system, we're not surprised.

"Dec 14 2012 Application (12A600) denied by Justice Ginsburg. The application to vacate the order entered by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit staying a permanent injunction entered by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York is denied. See Doe v. Gonzales, 546 U.S. 1301, 1308-1309 (2005) (GINSBURG, Circuit Justice)."

Emergency NDAA Lawsuit Motion to Supreme Court Denied

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Michigan NDAA Bill Senate Fight: LIVE UPDATES

The fight for your rights is on in Michigan! Check back with this page to get live updates.

4:00 PM: The Majority Speaker's office is getting lots of calls, keep it up @ 517-373-3543

3:00 PM: PANDA Team on the ground in Lansing, MI at the State Capitol

2:00 PM: Action Alert Sent out, call your Michigan Senators here:


Michigan NDAA Bill Senate Fight: LIVE UPDATES

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MI, FL, OH, OK, OR, PA, WI,You Can Stop the NDAA NOW!


If you live in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, or know someone who does, you need to call your State Representatives and Senators NOW. 

We especially want to target the Speaker and Minority Leader of each House and Senate. Contact information below. Let's take back our freedom!


Instructions for Each State Below


In Michigan, there is a bill on the Senate Floor in the next few days that could stop the NDAA:


Call your Michigan Senators NOW:


In Ohio, Representative Anthony DeVitis is reviewing our legislation, call to urge him to go forward and call all other Ohio Representatives and Senators:


Representative DeVitis:

(614) 466-1790




In Oklahoma, Senator Greg Treat is looking at our legislation, call to urge him to go forward and call all other Oklahoma Representatives and Senators:


Senator Treat:

(405) 521-5632




In Pennsylvania, Representative Rick Mirabito has agreed to introduce a bill against the NDAA, call to support him and call all other Pennsylvania Representatives and Senators:


Rep. Rick Mirabito: 

(717) 772-1314




In Wisconsin, State Senator Glenn Grothman's is reviewing our legislation, call to urge him to go forward and call all other Wisconsin Representatives and Senators:


Sen. Glenn Grothman:

(608) 266-7513




In Florida and Oregon, we have brought the idea of stopping the NDAA to several State Legislators, but they are reluctant. Contact your State Representatives and Senators and urge them to support resolutions to stop the NDAA:

Florida Representatives:

Florida Senators:


Oregon Representatives:

Oregon Senators:


If you live in any other state, contact your State Legislator and ask them to introduce a PANDA resolution to stop the NDAA! We have just over a year left to stop this attack on our liberty. 

The clock is ticking….

MI, FL, OH, OK, OR, PA, WI,You Can Stop the NDAA NOW!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Secret Microphones Being Installed in Public Transit

Several cities, encouraged and funded by the Department of Homeland Security, are installing secret recording devices in their buses and other public transit.

Remember, it's for your safety:


"The systems are being installed in San Francisco, Baltimore, and other cities with funding from the Department of Homeland Security in some cases, according to the Daily, which obtained copies of contracts, procurement requests, specs and other documents.

The use of the equipment raises serious questions about eavesdropping without a warrant, particularly since recordings of passengers could be obtained and used by law enforcement agencies."

Secret Microphones Being Installed in Public Transit

President Could Use NDAA to Justify Drone Killings

A very interesting article from Michael Kelley at the Business Insider:

"We've covered how President Obama needs the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to justify detention powers he has used for the past four yearsbut there's another reason he needs it: drones."


President Could Use NDAA to Justify Drone Killings

Illinois Court Strikes Down Concealed Carry Ban

In a victory for liberty, the U.S. Seventh Court of Appeals said Illinois's ban on carrying a weapon in public is unconstitutional.

"'We are disinclined to engage in another round of historical analysis to determine whether eighteenth-century America understood the Second Amendment to include a right to bear guns outside the home. The Supreme Court has decided that the amendment confers a right to bear arms for self-defense, which is as important outside the home as inside,' the judges ruled.",0,7034171.story

Illinois Court Strikes Down Concealed Carry Ban

Congressman: Ban 3-D Guns

With the new freedom afforded by 3D Printers, people can easily make weapons at home, without taking years of training and spending thousands of dollars on machinery.

Predictably, where there is newfound freedom the Police State appears. Congressman Israel wants to ban 3D guns entirely:


"…what Rep Israel doesn't say is how he hopes to accomplish his goal. Firmware locks for 3D printers? A DMCA-like takedown regime for 3D shapefiles that can be used to generate plastic firearms (or parts of plastic firearms?). A mandate on 3D printer manufacturers to somehow magically make it impossible for their products to print out gun-parts?"

Congressman: Ban 3-D Guns

PANDA on Bap Nation Radio

PANDA's Founder, Dan Johnson, was on Bap Nation radio for their first show. Hje discussed the NDAA, indefinite detention, and how to fix America for good:

PANDA on Bap Nation Radio

PANDA Muskegon at West Michigan Tea Party Tonight

PANDA Muskegon, MI will be speaking at the West Michigan Tea Party tonight on the dangers of the NDAA and indefinite detention. If you're in the area, be sure to attend!


Automation Techniques

2909 Peach Ridge

Grand Rapids, MI

Speaker: Parker Tufts


PANDA Muskegon at West Michigan Tea Party Tonight

The Fight in The Michigan Senate Starts Today

The Michigan Tenth Amendment Center has been a great partner in organizing the fight for liberty in Michigan. Their director, Shane Trejo, posted this yesterday evening:

From State Senator Tom McMillan: "This bill HB5768 (mine) is up in State Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow at 12:30 on the 4th floor of the Capitol….not sure I'll be able to be there to testify – may be voting on Freedom to Work. And…it'll probably be tough getting into the Capitol building tomorrow…am trying to figure out what to do."


Since he may not be able to be there to speak on behalf of his own legislation, it is important that many patriots show up to speak on why this is so crucial in his place. If you can attend, here is the address:


100 North Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933


If you can't attend, please call the committee members to make sure our voices are heard either tonight or tomorrow morning. Here are the members of the committee and their contact information:


Rick Jones (R) – (517) 373-3447

Tonya Schuitmaker (R) – (517) 373-0793

Tory Rocca (R) – (517) 373-7315

 Steve Bieda (D) – 517-373-8360

Committee Clerk – (517) 373-5323


Please share this information with anyone who might possibly be interested. We had a big victory with this passing the State House, and we need to remain ever vigilant to ensure that our success continues.



Shane Trejo

The Fight in The Michigan Senate Starts Today

Monday, December 10, 2012

Los Angeles Starts Battle Against the NDAA

There is an excellent group in Los Angeles fighting the NDAA that we have been in touch with. If you are in Los Angeles, be sure to join up

 with them to stop the NDAA!

"The LA v. NDAA coalition has been working for months to bring the anti-NDAA movement to the City of Los Angeles, and now have released a petition to demand the City Council to pass a resolution of non-compliance against the "due process"-destroying NDAA 2012."

Los Angeles Starts Battle Against the NDAA

Film Factory Farms? Terrorist.

A whole new set of people has been added to the terrorist club. Along with those who are "reverent of individual liberty" and "suspicious of centralized federal authority," people who film factory farms are now considered terrorists:

"This new information comes as the Center for Constitutional Rights has filed a lawsuit challenging the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) as unconstitutional because its vague wording has had a chilling effect on political activism. This document adds to the evidence demonstrating that the AETA goes far beyond property destruction, as its supporters claim."

Film Factory Farms? Terrorist.

Nullifiers Should be "Shot", "Hanged"

It is usual to hear politicians slip up. We can't all be perfect when every one of our words is intensely searched through by the public and the media.

But this is something different. You don't hear Todd Akin or Lindsey Graham saying this.

Florida State Senator Don Gaetz sent a letter to noted Constitutionalist KrisAnne Hall advising her that he agrees with Andrew Jackson when he said:

"Shoot the first nullifier that touches the Flag. And hang the rest."


That's enough, Senator. You've just set the constitutionalists on fire.

The Constitution gives power to the states to assert certain laws are unConstitutional, or to have whatever powers are not granted to the Federal Government. People who support this do not need to be "shot" or "hanged."

14th Amendment, Section III:

"No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability."


Sen. Gaetz should never be able to hold office again, for comforting the enemies of the Constitution.

Nullification of unConstitutional legislation is our right.

It's time to demand an apology from Sen. Gaetz for his ridiculous statement.

Call his office at (850)-897-5747 and DEMAND, politely and civilly, he retract his statement.

Sen. Gaetz needs to be reminded what his Oath is. His Oath is to defend our rights against all enemies, foriegn and domestic. Not aid and abet them by discrediting those who stand up for the Constitution.

More information here:

Nullifiers Should be "Shot", "Hanged"

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lindsey Graham Defends "Shut Up! You Don't Get a Lawyer" Statement (VIDEO)

Sen. Lindsey Graham defends his "Shut Up! You don't get a lawyer" statement at a fish fry in South Carolina:

"Instead of clearing things up and actually doing what is right and saying, “You know, that was a stupid thing to say and on top of it unconstitutional just like the bill we passed”, Senator Lindsey Graham simply went on to defend his statement to the American people."

Lindsey Graham Defends "Shut Up! You Don't Get a Lawyer" Statement (VIDEO)

Enter a New Foe: CIA-Sponsored Trolls

Apparently, life at CIA headquarters gets boring every once in awhile, and what do denizens of the internet partake in when they get bored? Trolling.

The CIA is now using paid trolls to interrupt communications, discredit truth, and mess with dissenters. What's next? An official CIA meme?

"The NSA has a comprehensive program to search out our schools into scouting grounds for a team of American grown hacker community. The Obama administration has made it a concern of theirs that the future of cybersecurity rest with the college graduates of tomorrow. The NSA is focusing on colleges and universities within the US. Four schools have already been singled out as officialCenters of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (CAE-COP).

The CAE-COP focuses on recruiting persons with “particular emphasis on technologies and techniques related to specialized cyber operations (e.g., collection, exploitation, and response), to enhance the national security posture of our Nation.”"


Enter a New Foe: CIA-Sponsored Trolls