Thursday, January 3, 2013

Operation Homeland Liberty


You've been waiting for a chance to fight back against tyranny. Well, here it is.

50 States. 365 days. We will stop the NDAA and restore the Constitution in all 50 states by December 31st, 2012. This is Operation Homeland Liberty. 

Bookmark this page (CTRL+D), and check back at least once a week for new actions. You can take action below. Even if you are from a different state, every call and action helps:



  • State-level


Rep. Tom McMillin's NDAA bill is to be considered as the "first item on the agenda" for 2013. We want to push this until it is signed into law, and made great headway last year.


Call Michigan legislators NOW:





  • Wood County


PANDA is presenting on the NDAA in front of the Wood County Commissioners on January 15th, 2013. We are attempting to bring a resolution forth to stop the NDAA.


We have a lot of goodwill built up with the Commissioners in Wood County, OH. We want to keep this very polite.

If you are in the area, our goal is to get 100 people to attend. Please attend the event:

If you aren't close enough or can't attend, please call Commissioners Jim Carter and Joel Kuhlman at (419) 354-9100 and urge them to introduce our legislation to stop the NDAA.

Operation Homeland Liberty

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