Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Help Save Liberty in Coos County, Oregon








Shane Ozbun

PANDA Oregon Team Leader

(541) 870-7160



Help Save Liberty in Coos County, Oregon


Anti-NDAA legislation has been proposed in Coos County, Oregon. The fate of liberty in that county

rests on their commissioners' upcoming votes. As they harbor different feelings toward the anti-NDAA

resolution, your help is critical.


Bob Main supports defeating the NDAA, including sections 1021 and 1022, which violate several

aspects of the U.S. Constitution. Thank him for honoring his sworn oath to uphold and defending the



Melissa Cribbins is on the fence. Politely remind her of her oath. Mention that by stopping the NDAA,

she protects her citizens.


Chairman John Sweet appears to support the NDAA at present. He may feel it's a federal matter and

doesn't affect his county. Respectfully remind him of his oath to the Constitution, and encourage him to

vote 'yes' for the anti-NDAA resolution in Coos County.


Please contact the Coos County commissioners now.


Bob Main: (541) 396-7540


Melissa Cribbins: (541) 396-7539


John Sweet: (541) 396-7541


Edited by Ed R. Green

Help Save Liberty in Coos County, Oregon

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