Sunday, February 3, 2013

1100 Green Berets Sign Letter Upholding 2nd Amendment





The Green Berets are US Army's elite, special force troops, capable of performing missions that go above and beyond the standard call of duty.  This time, they have applied that standard of excellence to the political arena.  These 1,100 service members are keeping their oath to preserve and protect the constitution by suggesting solutions that do not run afoul of the second amendment.  They have identified exactly those issues which have been ignored by the media:


Referencing the Fast and Furious gun running scandal perpetrated by Eric Holder and the Justice Department, they call for state law enforcement to secure our national borders in order to prevent illegal weapons from entering the country.


Recognizing that every mass shooter in recent history has been mentally unstable, they call for restrictions and treatment for unstable individuals.


Rather than harboring a lack of knowledge and irrational fear of firearms, they encourage safety training in schools.


They point out that the "Gun Free School Zones Act" prohibits teachers and administrators from effectively defending their students.


View the full letter here:

1100 Green Berets Sign Letter Upholding 2nd Amendment

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