Sunday, February 3, 2013

Police To Begin Using New Biometrics Tool



Patrick Madden


Is there anything a smartphone can't do?  We already know about their aptitude for tracking your location and recording your conversations.  MORIS ( Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System) is new technology that allows police to turn smartphones into facial recognition and eye scanning (biometrics) devices.  Facial scans can be taken up to 5 feet away and eye scans can be taken from 5 to 6 inches away.  According to the Department of Justice's director of the COPS program, this will be used not only to determine if a person is wanted, but also if they have a criminal history.  In a country where suspicion alone may warrant your arrest, this practice has profound implications.


This technology is not limited to police actions.  BIMA (the Biometric Identity Management Agency)'s website suggests "business functions" as another application for the biometric industry.  Subjecting consumers to a biometric scan to make a purchase may become the latest affront to the privacy we used to consider a right:




Police To Begin Using New Biometrics Tool

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